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from essential chemistry to the innovative edge


we supply a broad spectrum of products ranging from essential platinum group metal salts to high specialty chemicals such as platinum plating solutions and complete spectrum of rhodium compounds

clever chemistry for premium performance


our chemicals and complex materials have been designed, developed and optimised over many years to provide excellent performance in a wide range of applications from durable coatings to sensor electrodes

all our product information in two clicks


we bring products closer to our customers and make it easy for you to access all our product information online, including technical and safety data sheets

core capabilities in Hydrosilylation





we deliver custom solutions for your complex catalyst needs to give your product portfolio a competitive edge 

essential facts about Karstedt catalysts


find answers from our technical experts to essential questions about Karstedt catalysts, their performance, application and storage


developing products through business partnerships

we are continually scouring the technology landscape to spot opportunities to fit our customers new products applications

building customer confidence with lasting business relationships


we like to keep it simple, straightforward and personal; we treat our customers as business partners and friends and they find us easy to work with 

complete service solutions


we offer competitive advantages by precious metals recovery optimisation with direct product raw material feeds to reduce lead-times and providing efficient precious metal management and financing solutions

supporting your business wherever you are

we operate in 15 countries across 5 continents with experienced account managers, speaking your native language and supported by out technical teams together with the global network of Johnson Matthey sales offices 

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