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Gas removal and control 

Johnson Matthey has significant experience in the development of platinum group metal (pgm) powders or supported materials, which can be used to remove gases in a range of technology applications including gas absorption for the controlled atmosphere packaging of foodstuffs and the removal of gases from electronic assemblies.

Long-term experience

We have many years’ experience in the manufacture of pgm salts, which are used as catalyst precursors and the processes used to manufacture supported pgm materials.

Scaling spectrum

We can produce materials at batch sizes ranging from laboratory scale to production scale.

Precious metals range

Our current expertise is based around palladium but please ask about other pgms. Our recent palladium based product is e+® Ethylene Remover (1MB PDF file opens in new window) which extends fresh fruits and flowers shelf life. 

Outstanding technical expertise

We have technical expertise in the analysis of pgm catalysts using a variety of techniques including plug flow gas adsorption analysis, specific surface area, particle size, particle size distribution, density, loss on reduction, moisture content and purity.

R&D resources

We have technical teams and resources devoted to innovation at both our Royston (UK) and West Deptford (US) sites. Our product development teams work in close collaboration with Johnson Matthey Technology Centre in Sonning Common (UK) and so have access to an even greater range of expertise and analytical techniques across Johnson Matthey R&D projects.

Contact our Technical Team for enquiries on gas absorption, electronics and development opportunities.



e+® benefits all of the fruit value chain from grower to consumer by reducing waste due to uninhibited ripening. This product is now commercialised in many supermarkets to help keep fruit  fresher for longer.


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