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What a chemist needs to know about patents
01 March 2018
As we use science to create innovative products, Johnson Matthey continuously increases its investment in R&D reaching £201 million in 2016/2017. With around 1,450 of our employees involved in R&D representing ~12% of the total JM workforce...
New research to optimise nanostructure preparation
11 February 2018
Johnson Matthey’s research teams continuously work with their collaborators to bring new products and technologies to market. With nanostructures being a foundation for heterogeneous catalysts, the optimisation of their preparation process ...
Innovative products for cutting-edge research
25 January 2018
Today our catalysts are not only an integral part of the manufacturing process for many products but they also find their application in cutting-edge research and development. A team of researchers from Poland are sharing the results of their pioneering ...
Explore science and technology with the Johnson Matthey Technology Review
17 January 2018
Explore science and technology in industrial applications with a new issue of the Johnson Matthey Technology Review. The journal has an international Editorial Board in the fields of catalysis, chemistry, precious metals, innovative materials, ...
UV curing catalysts: endless application possibilities
11 January 2018
UV activated curing technology provides multiple advantages to improve your process safety, quality, sustainability together with promising opportunities for innovation. Today, Johnson Matthey is the only company in the market with capabilities to supply...
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