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Investing in our people

03 May 2017

As Johnson Matthey approaches its third century, one of the core investments taking us into our next 100 years is extending educational opportunities for our people. More than 5 years ago, our alliance with the Pennsylvania State University began as a result of one of many professional development programmes offered to Johnson Matthey’s employees at the ECT (Emission Control Technologies) Pennsylvania locations.

Thanks to the efforts of Natalie Murray, Manager of Learning and Development for the North America Region, who was leading negotiations, the Johson Matthey and Pennsylvania State University partnership has recently been extended to other JM sites. There are several perks of the online campus including a 5% tuition reduction on the degree, certificate programs for employees, their spouses and legal dependents.  

Johnson Matthey employees can explore the variety of new certificate and degree programs in such areas as supply chain management, energy and sustainability, engineering leadership and innovation management. Diane Solarski, the Administrative Receptionist for our business at West Deptford, USA is one of the recent Johnson Matthey’s students at the Pennsylvania State University who started her journey towards a Bachelor's Degree in Marketing in March this year.

Johnson Matthey seeks and values talented people and we invest in their development even after they join the company. We want to ensure that doing a good job and delivering results with a commitment to our company values are recognised and rewarded, whoever you are and wherever you are in the company. Providing opportunities for personal growth and career development continues to make Johnson Matthey a successful company.

More information on the Johnson Matthey alliance with the Pensylvania State University.
By Diane Solarski

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