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Looking back at 2017
20 December 2017
Look back at 2017 with our recent newsletter featuring: A new era for organometallics; A novel solution for a safer chemical process; Innovative approaches to transform bio-derived stock into an alternative source of energy and chemicals;...
Reporting a strong start of the year
21 November 2017
Today Johnson Matthey released an update on the half year financial results for the six months ended 30th September 2017. With the strong start of the year and underlying sales growth of 5%, the full year sales growth guidance remains unchanged. More ...
Responding to the demand for renewable fuels
02 November 2017
Today, our catalysts are an integral part of the manufacturing process for many of the products we use in everyday life. Looking forward, we are applying our scientific know-how to create sustainable solutions for future challenges, like using bio-based ...
Entering a new era for organometallics
24 October 2017
UV activated curing catalysts are becoming an essential technology for the production of silicone elastomers. Together with our customers and partners, we are entering an exciting new era for organometallic products. Pt-99, Trimethyl(...
Making your chemical process safer
19 October 2017
Johnson Matthey’s development solutions and products provide a positive contribution to making our world safer and healthier. Our hydroformylation catalyst Rh-50 (Rh(2,4-pentanedionate)(CO)2 is one of these products. The novel approach of using&...
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