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Following the sun
20 July 2017
This week on the 19th of July (200th day of our 200th year) we were holding one global Johnson Matthey party around the clock, from sunrise in Japan to sunset in the USA to mark this amazing milestone for the company. Tree planting, team building ...
Providing solutions for the Silicone industry
26 June 2017
This week our team is at the Silicone Elastomers US Summit 2017. We are looking forward to discovering new application areas for silicones, learning about new developments and challenges which the industry is facing and discussing the solutions which ...
Highlights of Johnson Matthey's 2017 Annual Report
21 June 2017
Johnson Matthey has published its 2017 Annual Report, in which we cover all aspects of the company's performance: financial, social, environmental and governance.  Highlights in the report include: Details of Johnson Matthey's strategy to ...
Announcing Johnson Matthey's financial results 2016/2017
31 May 2017
Join us for a live webcast of full year 2016/2017 Johnson Matthey's financial results which will be presented by our Chief Executive Robert MacLeod and Group Finance Director Anna Manz. The webcast will start at 9:30am BST on Thursday 1st June 2017. ...
Revealing the latest PGM market trends
17 May 2017
The platinum market is likely to move into surplus in 2017 following a forecast decrease in demand from jewellery, autocatalysts and investment.On the other hand, palladium deficit is to widen with auto demand at new highs and lower disinvestment. ...
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