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What can Big Data do for chemistry?
21 September 2017
"Big Data" has been a buzz word for some time. Recently, the term “Big Data” has been associated with a range of analytics methods which define patterns and trends, more often relating to human behaviour and interactions. Nowadays, many ...
Hydroformylation: 45 years of progress
11 August 2017
We value our partnerships with customers which we have built over the years. They are the key for us to gain in-depth understanding of our customers’ needs and aspirations and to provide them with the best solutions which improve the performance of ...
Are you ready for the REACH 2018 deadline?
09 August 2017
The REACH 2018 registration deadline is fast approaching, so don’t miss the opportunity to act and avoid the impacts of non-compliance. All companies involved in manufacturing or importing more than a tonne of chemical substances per year, into the ...
What's new in chemical products?
02 August 2017
Don't miss the recent issue of our newsletter to find out about: The evolution of Ir coatings; PGM Market forecast for 2017; New developments in organometallic products;and more... If you would like to receive our news updates, sign up...
Is Q1 in line with expectations for Johnson Matthey?
28 July 2017
The year has started as we expected with low single-digit sales growth at constant rates and double-digit reported sales growth. Sales performance was strongest in our Clean Air sector as we again outperformed vehicle production in most markets. Sales ...
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