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Platinum group metals services

At Johnson Matthey, we offer a variety of valuable services to refine your precious metals and manage your metal accounts. Our refining account executives work closely with our trading department to provide you with the latest precious metal prices and market trends.

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Refining route for chemical products

We offer an after-life refining route for the range of chemical products, whether that may be spent catalyst such as Ropac or plating salt/solution such as Platinum Q Salt®.

We look after your metal from start to finish and ensure that your fresh product or metal delivered "on time" and "on quality".

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Shorter lead-times and reduced costs

We offer you competitive advantages by combining the two activities: taking the precious metal refining output directly into the product raw material feed where possible.

Keeping the refining and supply of products with the same company precludes the need to sell and buy back metal which would otherwise lose you the 'spread' or difference between the sell and buy prices.

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Metal recovery optimisation & package deals

We work with our customers to optimise precious metal recovery from difficult materials via our technical support teams.

We supply package deals on commercial terms so that you benefit financially from keeping the business with Johnson Matthey.


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Metal account management

From development of your pgm strategy to advice on using refining outturns to fund future product requirements with your pgm:

a) held in your Johnson Matthey account for current and future purchases;
b) sold at current market value for direct payment to you;
c) returned to you as physical metal;
d) transferred electronically to another account.

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Precious metals trading & market research

We buy, sell and hedge pgms and can offer you a range of pricing and hedging services including spot, averaging, forwards, limit orders, any combination of the above, cash-settled forwards.

Johnson Matthey employs a team of dedicated market researchers and analysts, whose role is to make in-depth long-term forecasts into the supply and demand of the platinum group metals to help our customers to understand how the pgm markets are likely to develop.

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Complete support globally

With operations in North America, Europe and Asia our global team can manage all your pgm refining and trading needs.

We have an extensive network of sales offices in more than 30 countries to ensure that we can support your business wherever
you are.


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Johnson Matthey is the largest global full-service refiner of precious metals with 200 years' experience in the refining and management of pgms. 

For advice and more information on our refining and metal management services please
Contact our Sales Team 
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Precious Metals Management websites.

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