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Iridium coatings: unlocking new layers of expertise
12 April 2017
Johnson Matthey Technology Review is continuing to uncover the layers of practical information and expertise in iridium coatings. We are pleased to announce the publication of the second part of the ...
Iridium coatings: Do you know it all?
09 February 2017
What is the common theme that unites rocket engines, heavy metal ion sensors, spark plug electrodes, microelectronics and precision glass moulding? The answer is iridium; these are all potential ...
What's new in Chemical Products?
19 December 2016
Don't miss the recent issue of the Chemical Products newsletter. Read the newsletter to find out about: PGM market trends; A novel materials expert joining our commercial team; How we ...
Hydroformylation on an industrial scale: what is the solution?
30 November 2016
Once again we see our products helping to find solutions for the chemical industry. Not long ago, we shared with you exciting news from a team of researchers at Wuhan University and Science and ...
Latest PGM Market Review
15 November 2016
With the continuous decline in supplies from South Africa, will platinum remain in deficit in 2016? What will be the impact of significant capacity expansion in the Chinese chemical industry on the ...
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