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 UV activated catalysts

 Our UV activated curing catalysts - offered on an industrial scale - provide
 many advantages for your Hydrosilylation process.  

 UV activated curing catalysts are becoming an essential technology for the production of
 silicones elastomers.

 We have a thorough understanding of the challenges our customers face in their Hydrosilylation
 process: from extended curing time and the complexity of 2K processes to constraints for
 innovation and maintenance costs.

 Our UV activated curing catalysts - offered on an industrial scale - can overcome these challenges.
 Together with a high quality cross-linkage, our catalysts have a unique compatibility with thermally
 sensitive materials. They significantly decrease curing time and ensure uniform curing for thick
 parts. UV activated curing catalysts reduce your process energy requirement and achieve higher   line speed, hence potentially giving lower production line footprint.

 Pt-99(Trimethyl(methylcyclopentadienyl)platinum(IV)) and Pt-70(Pt(acac)2) are the recent
 additions to our range of UV activated curing catalysts.

 Our technical teams have many years of experience in synthesis, formulation, advanced metrology
 and characterisation of catalysts to tailor the best solution for you. Get in touch with us to
 discuss your catalysts requirements.




Explore advantages of our
UV activated curing catalysts and enhance your process performance, quality, innovation and sustainability.

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